Article from Music Teacher Magazine on Safeguarding, with Guidelines for Teachers and Students

An article I wrote calling for conservatoires to take the lead in ensuring a new safe environment for students, in the wake of the Philip Pickett trial, was published in the April issue of Music Teacher magazine, accompanied by my proposed guidelines for students and teachers at tertiary level. With permission from the magazine, I reproduce the article here.

Safeguarding (Music Teacher)-page-001

Safeguarding (Music Teacher)-page-002

Safeguarding (Music Teacher)-page-003


10 Comments on “Article from Music Teacher Magazine on Safeguarding, with Guidelines for Teachers and Students”

  1. Alistair Hinton says:

    Excellent! Your Guidelines for Teachers and Students deserve to join with Strauss’s rules for the conductor and Busoni’s for practising the piano! Many thanks for writing this piece and appending those succinct and easily understandable guidelines; let’s hope that due notice is taken of both, especially by teachers of music.

    Alistair Hinton

    • Ian Pace says:

      Many thanks, Alistair!

      • You’re very welcome, of course! It’s now at last far more widely known than once it was (in no small part thanks your your sterling ongoing work in the subject) what terrible and terrifying acts have been committed in certain such institutions under the cover of the fostering of academic and performer excellence in music; what you write is all too mecessary and your list of recommendations welcome, sanguine, sensitive and pragmatic.

        Good for you!

  2. I meant “necessary”, not “mecessary”, of course! – but I can’t edit the post. Sorry!

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