Friedrich Cerha and György Kurtág at 90.

On Wednesday February 17th (2016), the Austrian composer Friedrich Cerha reached his 90th birthday. Today, Friday February 19th, the Hungarian composer György Kurtág has also reached his. Rather than give lots of verbiage about these two wonderful musicians, I’d prefer simply to link to some recordings of their work.


Friedrich Cerha, Relazioni fragili (1956-57)


Friedrich Cerha, Spiegel I-VII (1960-61)


Friedrich Cerha, Percussion Concerto (2007-08)

György Kurtág, selections from Jatékok (1975-98), and transcriptions of Bach (1973-91)


György Kurtág, Messages of the Late Miss R.V. Troussova (1976-80) (part)


György Kurtág, Hommage à Mihály András (12 Microludes for Str Qt), op.13 (1977)