Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: Survivors should unite not fight

Another must-read post from David Hencke. It’s so sad that things have got to this level, maybe inevitable given the how emotionally fraught the whole matter is, above all for survivors, but there must still be a way forward.

Westminster Confidential

The future of the current child sex abuse inquiry reaches a  ” make or break ” moment this Wednesday. On that day it will either be wound up or reinvented.

What has particularly depressed me about the whole business is the way it has been handled. The Home Office, in particular, has not covered itself in glory – recommending two chairs that had to resign – and with a new chair still to be appointed months after the inquiry was originally set up.

What started with great hopes when seven MPs of opposing parties got together to ask Theresa May, the home secretary, to set this up has ended in despair with people quarrelling with each other on-line, demanding resignations  of panel members and refusing to co-operate or attend listening events.

I don’t think people realise what a mean feat it is – thanks to the open-mindedness of Tory Mp, Zac Goldsmith-…

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One Comment on “Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: Survivors should unite not fight”

  1. bobchewie says:

    Its not a must read its avoided exaro and hencke blaming survivor groups as trouble makers

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