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There has been much exchange in the last few days about the exact contents of a tape of an interview with a customs officer mentioned by Exaro News, which has been disputed in particular by Tim Tate – (see the comments in particular). For two responses, see and the comments on both of these as well) . Do read this for yourself and see which interpretations you think can be drawn from it.



Any transcription as difficult to hear as this is going to be open to interpretation. It is completely understandable that others may have different interpretations. We respect that and do not suggest that a different interpretation is more valid than our own. Nor do we dispute that what we have labeled as [inaudible] might be heard by keener ears.

For example, Exaro have quoted a passage  “The person was involved and that is why we had to seal the video.  And then the department, the superiors took over.”

We have down;

Well, well that person was involved and, er, that’s why we had to seize the video


And then, er, the department superiors took over and that’s the end of my [inaudible]

Minor differences.

Before The Telegraph story HERE and the knowledge that the customs officer was aware of a different…

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13 Comments on “Transcript Of Audio Tape”

  1. GMB says:

    Needleblog version:
    But I’m not far wrong when I say certain members, certain MPs at the time, were included in those videos ?
    [inaudible] because [inaudible] you can
    So it was [REDACTED NAME], wasn’t it [brief cross-talk – inaudible] he was part of the EC at the time
    But as I say, I mean, I can’t, I can’t pinpoint everything

    Solanki Tape Version:
    Interviewer – ‘…you can’t tell me but I’m not far wrong when I say certain mem…MPs at the time were included in these videos.’

    Mr Solanki – ‘It was a (pause) member of the (pause) you know.’

    Interviewer – ‘ (pause) Cabinet?’

    Mr Solanki – ‘Yeh (name omitted)’

    Interviewer – ‘So it was (name omitted).’

    Mr Solanki – ‘I can’t tell you anymore.’

    • Ian Pace says:

      From what I can tell, various journalists have had this tape for some time. How come none of the others hear it in the way that Exaro and their followers are doing?

  2. Justin Jackson says:

    So, from this exchange below, can anyone enlighten me as to the answer? One customs officer, or two, or even more than two?

    Considering it would take no more than a second or two to reply with a straight and simple answer of “yes” or “no” what should one conclude from Exaro’s seeming evasiveness?

    G ‏@TheChilterns 20m

    @ExaroNews @ciabaudo Right, so can we assume, as has been mooted before, that it is a different officer? Y or N?

    ExaroNews ‏@ExaroNews 18m

    . @TheChilterns @ciabaudo We have answered that question. We are no longer repeating answers already given. We have work to do

    JG ‏@TheChilterns 17m

    @ExaroNews @ciabaudo Just point me to the answer and I shall shut up. Promise.

    ExaroNews ‏@ExaroNews 16m

    . @TheChilterns @ciabaudo Last night’s tweets. Many we know, but is all there. Inc, crucially, key quotes from Customs officer on audio.

  3. GMB says:

    New Posting on Needleblog correcting their mistake re TS of Audio Tape
    Comment 1 from GMB
    ‘I think you better to leave this one to the professionals ie the people with the original recordings unredacted and unchanged. Goodnight and Goodluck.’

  4. GMB says:

    Re. New Posting on Needleblog correcting their mistake re TS of Audio Tape
    Comment 2 from GMB
    ‘Just noticed your ‘corrected’ transcript is still wrong! What are you doing? Again I refer to above comment’
    ‘I think you better to leave this one to the professionals ie the people with the original recordings unredacted and unchanged. Goodnight and Goodluck.’

  5. Justin Jackson says:

    Would that be the original recordings unredacted and unchanged of which Mr Fay was also in possession of?
    If so then there has been a very positive outcome to this saga this afternoon: half of twitter now has a copy of it. Since it is only a matter of time before someone also uploads it onto youtube the other half of twitter will soon have a copy of it too.
    So, now everyone has their own copy, and multiple transcripts are being made, perhaps everyone can now have a sensible debate as to whether this customs officer is referring to the Tricker tape when he names who he names, or to another instance altogether. Being one of the half of twitter to have listened to this tape In my opinion that remains unclear.

  6. Ian Pace says:

    I’m now listening to the recording, and I hear for sure that the customs officer affirms the identity of that former Cabinet Minister (the [inaudible] after ‘prominent MP’ sounds like a ‘Sure’ to me, and the ‘Um hum’ is inflected upwards in a manner which indicates assent. More to follow later in a full blog detailing all the previous reports of this and hopefully with a revised transcript.

    • Justin Jackson says:

      I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s interpretations of this. Analytical and independent interpretations that is. Some will only hear what they wish to hear and interpret it only as they wish it to be, but there’s nothing to be done about that, except ignore them.

  7. GMB says:

    I appears that the Needleblog has failed to put up my second comment above. Now appears to be selective as well. Second comment posted immediately after first which is up and running.

  8. GMB says:

    Re above questions: but do they have the original?

  9. GMB says:

    What had been arranged was for an independent group to listen to the evidence behind closed doors. That group were invited to ask any questions of the presenters. What they may do, either individually or collectively, will be up to them. A meeting should have taken this week but several individuals who were due to attend were unable to make the date. No alternative date has yet been arranged.

  10. Justin Jackson says:

    Will you still be posting a new transcript soon Ian? One Twitter’s IWTT has prepared I believe. I’m very curious about the editing/”sniping” aspect she mentioned on Exaro’s website that she had possibly seen signs of.

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