Practice Rooms and Abuse – Why it was Easy

On Abuse at Music College

Bullying Culture… Jimmy Savile… Music College Abuse… Join the Dots

A blog post from March which I have only just seen – essential reading on the bullying culture at music colleges.

Charlie Hebdo. Lettre aux escrocs de l’islamophobie qui font le jeu des racists. Charb. Review Article.

A vital review article of the final writing by Charb, editor of Charlie Hebdo, before he was murdered in January. Coates is amongst the vital but increasingly beleaguered voices on the Marxist left who continues to fight for the possibility of real critique, satire and freedom of speech in the face of many neo-Stalinists who seek to censor anything which upsets their fragile, reified, and class-free identity politics.

Tendance Coatesy Posthumous Blot of Light.

Lettre aux escrocs de l’islamophobie qui font le jeu des racists. Charb. Les Échappés. 2015.

“This text was completed on the 5th of January 2015, two days before the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo, during which Charb lost his life.”

The Lettre addresses the reader, “If you think that criticism of religions is the expression of racism” “If you think that ‘Islam’ is the name of a people.” “If you think that punishing blasphemers will open the gates of heaven for you.” “If you think that left-wing atheists play into the hands of fascists and xenophobes” “If you think that it is essential to classify citizens according to their religion” “If you think that one can laugh at everything except whatever is sacred to you.” “If you think that popularising the concept of Islamophobia is the best way of defending Islam” ………..

“So, dear reader, this…

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Time For Change

Very important reflections on specialist music education in the wake of the Layfield trial by Alison Moncrieff-Kelly


It’s been an extraordinary few weeks for anyone who is interested in historic and systemic abuse in music education. If you are really interested in this huge subject, then you will probably have been following the issues for longer than the recent headline-grabber, Malcolm Layfield’s trial for rape, for which he was found not guilty, though admitted in court to sexual relations with girls aged 17 and 18 when he taught at Chetham’s School of Music. Let’s suppose, though, that for many people, especially people from outside of the very niche world that is specialist education in classical music, they have heard only of this case and possibly that of former Director of Music at Chetham’s, Michael Brewer, who was jailed for six years in 2013 for the sexual abuse of Frances Andrade from the age of 14, a case which made headlines after Andrade tragically took her own life…

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Precedent for a Trial of Perpetrator of Child Sexual Abuse who had Dementia

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Is this the answer to a trial for Janner or will the kakocracy stop it?

janner Paedophile Greville Janner

HT to Dan for finding this article which can also be found at Western Morning News [1] under the following slightly inaccurate headline.

Man found guilty of abusing six under-age girls

Posted : May 15, 2010

A DEVON man has been found guilty of abusing six under-age girls in a trial held in his absence at Exeter Crown Court.

Jurors yesterday unanimously found that Michael Collingwood, now 69, of Tedburn St Mary, near Exeter, committed 23 sex offences, including raping one girl.

Judge Paul Darlow instructed the jury to formally enter not guilty pleas to the other six sex offence allegations.

Jurors heard the trial in Collingwood’s absence after being told he suffers from severe dementia.

The jury forewoman, giving her verdicts, was required to say she found Collingwood “did the act charged”…

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1979: DES employee writes to Grey over concern for ‘Johnny Go Homes’

Another brilliant post from this source

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies

In the months before the 3rd May 1979 General Election when Thatcher swept to power ousting Callaghan’s Labour government, and the 3 year DES grant for the Albany Trust’s ‘Experimental Project’ on ‘Youth and Sexuality’ was coming to an end, Antony Grey was in correspondence with a civil servant employee of the Department of Education & Science concerning ‘health education’ and concerns over the future of governmental policy in this area. It was a concern that would be well-founded, judging by the DES cool response to the Albany Trust’s Youth Worker report on the experiment in January 1980.


On 22 February 1979, John Alexander, writes to Antony Grey on departmental notepaper:

“I greatly enjoyed our time together on 22 February and only regret that, by the nature of things, it was not possible…

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Dec 1971/January 1972: Father Trevor Huddleston’s patronage & Righton’s ‘enforced’ resignation

More vital new information relating to Peter Righton

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies

photo 1-11 ACCESS Minutes, 8 December 1971, PSY/WOL/4/1 p1.

photo 2-13 ACCESS Minutes, 8 December 1971, PSY/WOL/4/1 p2

photo 3-9 ACCESS Minutes, 8 December 1971, PSY/WOL/4/1 p3

Within 9 months of starting ACCESS Righton’s ‘enforced withdrawal’ from Chairmanship takes place due to potential adverse publicity  – just after The Times announces him as Director-Designate heading up a two-man team at the National Children’s Bureau. [

On 8th December ACCESS met at the National Institute of Social Work with only 5 attendees: Peter Righton (Chair), Doreen Cordell (Secretary), Rev. Malcolm Johnson, David Allen (Honorary treasurer, formerly in same role for Albany Trust but left due to Michael De La Noy), and Dr Theo Schlict. Looking at the minutes, it may be that Righton had already wished to make the announcement that he had been forced to step down as Chairman at the 8th December meeting but due to the poor attendance held back his news on being…

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Peter Hayman, PIE and PREM 19/588: An Alternative Account

This is extremely interesting and worth reading.

Modern British Studies Birmingham

Chris Moores Chris Moores

Dr Chris Moores writes about the Peter Hayman, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), the release of National Archives files PREM 19/588 and an alternative account of the prosecution of PIE members.

The discovery and subsequent release of Government papers detailing the investigation into the conduct of the diplomat Peter Hayman have generated substantial press coverage over the past week. The PREM 19/588 files released by the National Archives can be seen on the blog of Ian Pace and Spotlight on Abuse; both of which provide substantial resources on historical child-sex offence cases.

In many respects the official documents confirmed much of what we already knew about Hayman. A retired diplomat and former British High Commissioner in Canada, he was exposed in the pages of Private Eye in 1980, named by the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickinson under Parliamentary privilege in 1981, and scrutinized in the press during the…

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Albany Trust, Access, Peter Righton, Dr Robert Chartham (aka Ronald Seth) and MI5

Also essential reading

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies

<please scroll down through large expanses of white space throughout this blog post until you’ve passed the book ‘Children Against Witches’ which means you’ve reached the end – currently experiencing unfathomable issues with formatting in a different browser – apologies>

Antony Grey’s 1992 ‘ Quest for Justice: Towards Homosexual Emancipation’ makes but one mention of Peter Righton by name (see below) but by 1971 Peter Righton was very involved with counselling work at the Albany Trust bringing him into contact with many important and influential people, as had his employment as lecturer for MA Social Work for the National Institute of Social Work (NISW – Room 11).

Antony Grey: Quest for Justice, Loc 3318/6001 Antony Grey: Quest for Justice, Loc 3318/6001

Antony Grey: Quest for Justice, Loc 3318/6001 – Peter Righton compiled York Social Needs Conference 1970 survey, published by NCSS Bedford Square Press 1973

During 1971 there was a curious incident which looks a lot like…

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