Towards cultural democracy?

Anna Bull has written an interesting set of responses to the posts on my previous blog with multiple commentators responding to Stella Duffy on arts, elitism, communities – . I will respond in time to some of the points below, but welcome other responses to this (and welcome the fact that Anna has posted this!)

Dr Anna Bull

Musicologist, pianist and activist Ian Pace has collated a set of responses to an article by Stella Duffy in the Guardian, commenting on a report that I co-authored on ‘everyday creativity’. These responses take a critical view of the central idea of the report, that cultural policy should move further towards supporting everyday creativity, and suggest that there are a variety of dangers with this approach. I have responded below to some of the comments.

Several commentators make comparisons between a shift towards ‘everyday creativity’ and arts policies under fascist regimes. They draw on historical examples from the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany relating to the problem of addressing elitism in the arts via democratisation, and include an accusation that this kind of policy shift would be ‘Stalinist’. While I think using historical examples to make a comparison can be helpful, it’s noticeable that these comments leap straight to…

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3 Comments on “Towards cultural democracy?”

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  2. Jeff says:

    “Cultural Democracy”

    What a disgusting view.
    By it’s very definition, cultural democracy is the destruction of traditional (non-leftist) music.

    • Mike says:


      Yes, I suppose that can be argued, as traditional music is about identity, and values personal sensibility…
      in stark contrast to cultural democracy (that looks at the majority, or the average, or mixes it all up into a dark molasses)
      and in stark contrast to elitist manners (which is the cucked superficial view of either tradition, or deluded self-elevation).

      Do we think that the Adorno-reading fools have anything to say?
      Or the leftist musical Antifa, who give social justice higher value than personal sensibility and aspiration?
      Or the fake pseudo-traditionalists, i.e. the cucked musicians who went through conservatory brainwashing…?
      What a jungle of *isms and utterly tarnished crooked views…
      and what a shame for truthful cultural expression of sensibility…

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