The Credo of Cultural Studies

Readers of this blog will know that I am no fan of the deskilled, Jack-of-all-trades, realm of Cultural Studies, and all the uncritical thinking, deification of chosen theorists, and so on, which accompanies it (see this excellent piece by Joanna Williams). Some more earnest critique of the reams of tosh produced within that realm may follow at a later date, but today I wanted just to post a witticism from my friend, scholar of German, Larson Powell, on the subject:
Credo in unum Studium Culturae, transgredientem et interdisciplinaritatem; Et in unum Dominum Stuartum Hallum, qui ex Raymondi Williamsi nascitur, et in Sanctu Spiritu Spivakae… Scola Birminghamiensis benedicta est! (sprinkling Holy Waters of Transgressiveness on all panel participants, radiant with certainty of their salvation and, above all, their moral superiority to any mere heathens who have not seen the Light).

And for the Pater Noster: Et non induca nos in Elitismu, sed libera nos de Adorno!


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