Forthcoming Study Day on Counter-Hegemonic Play and Ageism

The following study day looks of great interest: it will take place in Freewilton Hall, London EC2 6FV. Registration will open in the next week, and I will post a link then. Cormac and McBride represent the ‘third wave’ of cultural studies and have genuinely opened up new species of practice within this field. Heartily recommended.


Study Day: Writing/Righting Culture: New Forms of Counter-Hegemonic Play, incorporating Ageism

Saturday, May 9th, 2015


Organised by Robert Cormac and Angela McBride, co-editors, The Routledge Handbook of Privilege-Encoding ComplexityWhy Soap Operas matter as much as Milton (New York and London: Routledge, 2013)



Room F37: Tourism and the Romantic Imagination

Sonny Dawlish: Re-reading Top Gear: the auto-mobile and the auto-erotic meet the ex-colonials

Jane Burgen: Saga Holidays as menopausal desire: post-uterine fantasies of self-realisation

Jennifer McDonald: Consuming the Axis of Evil: conceiving Libyan tourism after Gadaffi

Kathryn Shephard: Brown boys: fin-de-siècle pederastic desire in Tangiers as challenge to heteronormative sexual practice.




Room F39: From Painted Dreams to Silver Street: Soap Operas as subversive practice

Fawn Kimball: (S)oaps: subject positioning of the elderly in long-running dramas

Philip Thatcher: Eldorado and the radical othering of pan-European identity

Karen Rippon: Can the subaltern soap? Dancing Days as threat to Western hegemony – a reception history.

Stephen Harrell: Mapping the terrain in Crossroads: an elegy for a lost West Midlands patriarchy.



12:30-13:30 Lunch


13:30-14:30 Roundtable

Ralph Leeming and Colin Hopkins

‘Towards O(the)ring’

Western culture is utterly predicated upon the domination of the definite article, especially in Francophone cultures, dogmatically asserting the metaphysics of presence critiqued by Derrida, as evidenced by the article, in opposition to more fluid modes of being. Furthermore, the vital strategic paradigm of ‘either/or’ is ruthlessly excluded by rhetoric of ‘binarism’, the latest attempt to preserve existing privilege. Eastern European cultures, especially that of Russia, whose language does not use articles, are marginalised by these processes. Leeming and Hopkins face these challenges head-on, asserting the need to transcend the tyranny of ‘the’, in favour of an optimum practice of ‘Oring’ (to match ‘Eithering’) instead.



14:30-15:00 Coffee



Room G7: Towards an Emancipatory Musicology

Martin Parkins: Lateness as other: ageist modernism and the excluded late works of Stockhausen and Ligeti.

Patrick Klein: Counterpoint serves imperialism: constructed histories and vanishing monophony

Emma Walker: Projects for Musicology: Ring-tone creation as liberatory practice

Ferdinand Conrad: ‘Why no Feem Toons?’ Rediscovering maligned musicking



Room GR8: (Post)-Modernism/Post-Complexity: Forced Penetrations and their Aftermath

David Parfitt: James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, and the omnisyllabic word as weapon of social division

Rebecca Hollingworth: Learning to hate Elliott Carter: a woman’s odyssey of resistance

Anna Marie Lowry: Post-colonial Rushdie: the subcontinental writer who played the white man’s game.

Gareth Stewart: The French nouvelle vague and the ‘ugly American’: Jean Seberg as victim of Eurocentric mystification



17:00 Close of Formal Proceedings

Books by the invited speakers will be on sale with discounts varying between 1 and 2% from listed prices.



18:00-23:00 Towards an Ethnography of Round-Buying Praxis

23:00-07:30 Liberating Desire


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