Dec 1971/January 1972: Father Trevor Huddleston’s patronage & Righton’s ‘enforced’ resignation

More vital new information relating to Peter Righton

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies

photo 1-11 ACCESS Minutes, 8 December 1971, PSY/WOL/4/1 p1.

photo 2-13 ACCESS Minutes, 8 December 1971, PSY/WOL/4/1 p2

photo 3-9 ACCESS Minutes, 8 December 1971, PSY/WOL/4/1 p3

Within 9 months of starting ACCESS Righton’s ‘enforced withdrawal’ from Chairmanship takes place due to potential adverse publicity  – just after The Times announces him as Director-Designate heading up a two-man team at the National Children’s Bureau. [

On 8th December ACCESS met at the National Institute of Social Work with only 5 attendees: Peter Righton (Chair), Doreen Cordell (Secretary), Rev. Malcolm Johnson, David Allen (Honorary treasurer, formerly in same role for Albany Trust but left due to Michael De La Noy), and Dr Theo Schlict. Looking at the minutes, it may be that Righton had already wished to make the announcement that he had been forced to step down as Chairman at the 8th December meeting but due to the poor attendance held back his news on being…

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One Comment on “Dec 1971/January 1972: Father Trevor Huddleston’s patronage & Righton’s ‘enforced’ resignation”

  1. Thanks Ian! All this about Righton and the Albany Trust is so fascinating and very, very important I believe.
    A sidebar: while exploring “Bits of Books” – which is fantastic! – I followed a link-chain to a historic article alleged to link the truly nefarious “Bishop” GLEAVES and Elm Guest House. It’s a Daily Star article, dated August 9, 1982.

    “The sordid goings on behind the closed doors of a gay brothel can be revealed today. Ten year old boys are employed as sex slaves at the terrace house in a London suburb” – which is presumed to be a reference to Elm Guest House. There folllows a heart-rending tale of little boy prostitutes and their alleged victimization. There are NO references or attributions for this information, however. Then…

    “Most of the boy prostitutes are runaway youngsters lured into a web of vice by pimps who promise them easy money” immediately followed by:
    “The most notorious boys-for-sale boss is the self-styled Bishop of Medway, Roger Gleave”.
    There follows a brief reference to Gleaves hostel-brothels from 1970’s a the video “Johhny Go Home”.

    There’s actually NO info in this article which would in any way link Elm Guest house and Gleaves. The reference to Gleaves is totally superfluous. The entire article is a meaningless hodge-podge of fantasies about what might go on in gay brothels – derived from, and mixed with, unrelated references to a historic abuser and his Piccadilly Circus linked activities from the previous decade.

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