Peter Hayman, PIE and PREM 19/588: An Alternative Account

This is extremely interesting and worth reading.

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Chris Moores Chris Moores

Dr Chris Moores writes about the Peter Hayman, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), the release of National Archives files PREM 19/588 and an alternative account of the prosecution of PIE members.

The discovery and subsequent release of Government papers detailing the investigation into the conduct of the diplomat Peter Hayman have generated substantial press coverage over the past week. The PREM 19/588 files released by the National Archives can be seen on the blog of Ian Pace and Spotlight on Abuse; both of which provide substantial resources on historical child-sex offence cases.

In many respects the official documents confirmed much of what we already knew about Hayman. A retired diplomat and former British High Commissioner in Canada, he was exposed in the pages of Private Eye in 1980, named by the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickinson under Parliamentary privilege in 1981, and scrutinized in the press during the…

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5 Comments on “Peter Hayman, PIE and PREM 19/588: An Alternative Account”

  1. bobchewie says:

    you could have mentioned the amount of files on historic child sex abusers in NA that have closure orders on them ..some even 80 years…now why is that?

    • bobchewie says:

      And why would the Home Office remove reject and mark HIDDEN one of FOI requests about a convicted paedo who was questioned several times?
      the FOI team suggested it was concerns about ‘defamation’ ..oh so its all wrong to defame an convicted child sex predator is it? the Home Office have a very odd way of seeing things….

  2. […] Peter Hayman, PIE and PREM 19/588: An Alternative¬†Account […]

  3. Victor Pc says:

    This country is run by satanists in every corner of so called public service, which is in fact public terrorism…most of whom have been sexually or physically or psychologically tortured till their soul is no longer creating….and they lead a life of woodwork. Its not too much to ask these people to honour us…if they can’t they are relieved of their public duties….if they refuse, they can be arrested for parading as a public servant whilst embezzling public money…

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