Leon Brittan – A guest post by Tim Tate on the investigations into and evidence relating to him

Following the news of the death of Leon Brittan yesterday, the distinguished writer and film maker Tim Tate (author of Child Pornography, sections from which I have earlier posted on here) has written a piece concerning important information he knows concerning the investigations into Brittan, which I am printing here. I am most grateful to Tim Tate for writing this and giving me the permission to post it. I would also like to echo strongly his call for this information to be thoroughly investigated by the Home Affairs Select Committee and the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Tim Tate writes as follows:

Last Spring I sat for two hours with a senior detective involved in historic child sexual abuse enquiries. It was not the first time we had met, but on this occasion – and prompted by some highly inaccurate reporting elsewhere – he had decided to be open about the progress of the investigation into allegations about Leon Brittan.

His openness, of course, went only so far: we were not speaking on the record, but on conditions of anonymity. I have no way of independently verifying what he told me, but I did not feel at any point that he was either deliberately misleading me or stonewalling my questions.

However, what he said – if accurate – is very disturbing: I believe it needs to be taken up by the Home Affairs Select Committee – which has been examining the Home Office’s role in historic allegations of paedophilia – and by the official Historic Abuse Enquiry (assuming it continues).

The backdrop to our meeting were allegations in the media that a former Customs Officer had seized child pornography films or videotapes in the early 1980s, one of which “featured” a former Conservative cabinet minister. The customs officer was called Maganal Solanki, who is now in his 80s and in poor health. Mr Solanki’s name was on a 1982 Customs seizure notice which impounded obscene or indecent material sent, by mail, to the UK by a British paedophile based in Holland.

A reporter from Express newspapers had tracked down Mr Solanki, doorstepped him and recorded an attempt at interviewing him about the Tricker material. The subsequent reports of this encounter stated that Mr Solanki had claimed that the films or videos depicted the former cabinet minister involved in child sexual abuse. Although the politician was not named, it was evident that he was Leon Brittan.

The detective told me that officers had subsequently visited Mr Solanki and asked him about these allegations. According to the detective, Mr Solanki had denied the press version of events and insisted that he could not remember the Tricker seizure, much less had he ever identified Brittan as a participant in filmed child sexual abuse.

However, Mr Solanki did – according to the detective – recall stopping Brittan on another occasion as he came into the UK at Dover. Further, Mr Solanki had searched Brittan’s car and had found child pornography tapes. He viewed these and was able – with some embarrassment – to describe their contents: boys and girls, under the age of 12, being filmed having sex with each other. He impounded the tapes as indecent or obscene material.

According to the detective, Mr Solanki wasn’t able to put an exact date on the incident other than it having taken place in the mid 1980s. However, he told the officers he was certain the man he had stopped was Leon Brittan because he had asked to see his passport.

Brittan had also told Mr Solanki that he was “an MEP” – something which the detective suspected was either a mishearing of “MP” or a misunderstanding of Brittan’s role as a European politician.

Mr Solanki told the officers that he filed a report of the seizure and sent it up to Customs & Excise head office. He heard no more about it.

The detective said he was certain that Mr Solanki was telling the truth and that the latter’s recollection of the incident was reliable. A statement was taken detailing these recollections.

At the time, Operation Fernbridge was also investigating allegations about Elm Guest House – the former gay brothel shut down after a police raid in 1982. Persistent allegations have been made – notably by a former NAYPIC worker, Chris Fay – that the guest house was used by politician and celebrities, and that children from local care homes were sexually abused there. Mr Fay had also alleged that officers from the former Metropolitan Police Special Branch had threatened him for trying to expose the truth about EGH. His claims and suggestions (sometimes sourced to him, sometimes anonymous) were widely published in the press and on-line media.

The detective was adamant that Mr Fay was a fantasist and that his ‘evidence’ was largely worthless. However, he (the detective) had come to the belief that one child – a young boy – had indeed been routinely sexually abused at EGH and that although the evidence was incomplete and troublesome, he had formed the very clear belief that one of the abusers had been Leon Brittan.

The reason for this belief was that on the night of the original raid the boy – whose identity the detective gave me, but whom I will not name here – had told a police officer and a social worker about being sodomised by adult men at EGH; he had, however, told the interviewers they should not worry about this because “Uncle Leon” from “The Big House” would sort it all out.

The detective had, in 2014, taken steps to track down this boy – now an adult – and had initially thought he would provide a statement. Unfortunately, by the time internal Metropolitan Police procedures had authorised the travel costs to visit him, the allege victim had decided not to speak.

There was a great deal of further circumstantial evidence concerning this boy and his suspected involvement with Leon Brittan. The detective said he planned to have this followed up and pinned down. But he also voiced concerns that he was about to be removed from his position and that if this happened he was not wholly confident the enquiries would be thoroughly pursued.

I have not spoken with the detective for almost a year. Colleagues of mine have tried to do so, but report that it appears he may – as he feared – have been removed from the historic child sexual abuse enquiries. It is not clear whether he is even still a serving police officer.

I repeat that I have no way of independently corroborating what the detective told me. But if the Home Affairs Select Committee and the official Historic Abuse Enquiry are serious about uncovering the truth – and particularly about unearthing the role of the Home Office handling allegations of organised and/or Westminster-based paedophile rings in the 1980s – they should require that the detective and Mr Solanki give evidence to them, and that all statements relating to Mr Brittan and child sexual abuse held by the Metropolitan Police Service be provided to them.

Because Leon Brittan was not just a former cabinet minister. He was a former Home Secretary – the man in charge at the time that PIE infiltrated government and the man to whom the now-infamous Dickens Dossier on high-profile paedophiles was handled, only to disappear.

If the HASC and the Enquiry are serious, if they are honest, if they are to live up to the public’s trust, they must subpoena these witnesses and offer them protection from retaliation by Whitehall or New Scotland Yard. If they do otherwise we will know that they are none of these things.


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  1. gojam says:

    Great to have this clarification.

    Many thanks to Tim and Ian.

    • bobchewie says:

      You are a bloody disgrace you should be ashamed of yourselves

        • gojam says:

          I banned Mr Chewie from my blog.(you’ve got to go some before I do that)

          Mr Chewie has a certain unshakable perspective (as do many others) and this post does not fit within his perspective and as Mr Chewie (and others) are completely incapable of re-evaluating their position, I’m afraid that Mr Chewie (and others) must try to discredit it because if they do not do that then their whole world view comes crashing down.

          Quite sad really.

          • Bandini says:

            “Your name’s not on the Fay-list, you’re not coming in!”

            Ho ho ho!

            I banned myself from YOUR blog, Gojam.
            “Re-evaluating” without explaining & setting the record straight just won’t cut it, I’m afraid:



            P.S. The empty-headed joker, Zac Goldsmith MP, recently cemented his, Exaro’s, and Hencke’s place in Hansard-history by spouting some unlikely rubbish about one of the many versions of Fay’s “ex-minister in a sauna” photograph. And the source – a team with a quarter of a century of lunacy between them – is the same source as the following BOMBSHELL revelation (ear-plugs in!):

            The photograph of Leon Brittan – they say – was snapped by the subject of Gojam’s “article”! That’s right! Straight from the horse’s mouth – Kasir – via fAy-Team member, “private eye” Clive Godden (or Inspector Godden of the Yarn, as I like to call him) who was there interviewing her with Fay (they claimed 25 years ago just after she had died).

            I’m sure history will look favourably on all those found to have had a trowel in their hand!

            (If you believe any of the claims flowing out of this particular sewer you might like to get in touch with the subject of Gojam’s “article” – maybe he’s got the negatives hidden under his tongue!).

          • Bandini says:

            A (very) belated attempt at an explanation:


            Quite unsatisfactory really.

          • Bandini says:

            Hopefully Gojam/Needleblog will include my comment ‘over there’, but just in case:

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            April 15, 2015 at 3:35 pm
            Credit where credit is due… is sorely missing from this article, Gojam!

            You were given ample opportunity to explain all of this previously. In your response to Bishop Brightly above, you say that:

            “It seemed unnecessary before.”

            Really?!? Unnecessary? But the 12th of April 2015 seemed like a propitious moment?!? Ye Gods, if I’d have done what you had there would have been flowers & chocolates and a VERY public apology.

            [To anyone out of the loop I should point out that DHG/Godden was what reeled me into this madness. I have posted extensively on the matter & Gojam was well aware of this fact. At no point was any attempt to rein in the lunatic broadcasters of bullshit “information” despite the fact that the initial seeding of the fraudulent tale started HERE, on Needleblog, and the sowers were the NeedleTeam & associates.]

            It really does defy belief, Gojam. Did you never think to have a quiet word in the ear of those who had helped you propagate the fable when you were plainly aware of their continued libelling which started HERE? When they were making vile accusations against other commentators – myself, for example! – you didn’t have cause to mention to them that, you know, maybe they were putting their collective feet in it? They were wishing death upon others, for Christ’s sake. One of them has crawled onto the ‘People’s Tribunal’ steering-commitee whilst pushing this filth…

            No. Not good enough.

            The notion that Mark Conrad set you straight is pretty funny, though! It’s certainly not MY experience that Exaro have had the slightest interest in stamping out this particular forest-fire. They have actively recruited for their ‘Twitter Army’ the pushers of what you now state is “total crap” whilst denigrating those who pointed this out to them; I speak from personal experience here.

            By the way, the claim that DHG “faked his own death” is also utter nonsense. Then again, coming from those who thought he might be evading Customs by wrapping child pornography in pork-products – Muslims wouldn’t want to touch it! Ho ho ho! – or that he might have piloted a light-aircraft BACK to the country from whence he was, according only to Godden, expelled, and this in a mad deal with Asil Nadir, shows, I think, their general lack of intelligence. And all coupled with a disturbing nastiness, too. What a horrible bunch of half-wits (they would be, if it were true that they genuinely believed it all).

          • bobchewie says:

            Ah the old let’s rubbish the Elm Guest house stuff again again maybe it’s because kincorra survivor Richard Kerr mentioned it and we can’t have that place coming up again oh dear no tut tut
            But Mr bandini why don’t you just try and discredit Mr Kerr and make yourself look totally foolish again.

          • Bandini says:

            Exaro have claimed that the real Elm “activity” started-up around 1982 (after mischief at Grafton Close had been brought to a close). It was raided in June of the same year.

            If press reports are accurate – well, it would be the first time! But it would also suggest that Richard Kerr was around 21 years of age in 1982 (as he is now 53).

            “Richard Kerr (53), who now lives in Dallas… …Mr Kerr was among the young residents who were abused. He was sent to live there in 1975 when he was just 14.”


            And that’s about all I have to say on the matter.

          • bobchewie says:

            Methinks that Mr Bandini suffers from False Memory Syndrome

          • bobchewie says:

            Bandini gives up too early in this. I wonder why. Kincorra boys home abuses was going on long before 82 but Bandini who admires his spiritual leader Susanne who defended self confessed paedophile obviously overlooks those facts

          • Bandini says:

            “Police believe that the paedophile ring initially centered on Grafton Close… … But the main centre of abuse is thought to have transferred in 1982 to Elm Guest House.”


            [Stretches over wearily and hits the ‘snooze’ button…]

          • bobchewie says:

            Oh dear bandini and his dates problem.
            Still doesn’t mention his paedo supporting chums ideals. No surprise there

          • bobchewie says:

            Bandini doing his la la la not listening exercise. what a joke he is

  2. From: david@ukfamilylawreform.co.uk
    Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2014 3:51 PM
    To: privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
    Subject: Who asked for Clive Driscoll to be removed?

    Dear Theresa May,

    Please will you kindly tell me who asked for Clive Driscoll to be removed?

    Yours Sincerely

    David Mortimer


  3. Sue says:

    Tim Tate why did you wait until Leon is reported to be dead before you raise your head above the parapet? Go jam what exactly are you thanking him for? Maybe some of his victims could have benefited if Tim hadn’t been quite so reticent.

    • TIM TATE says:


      I published this story – minus Brittan’s name – last summer. The law of libel prevented his name being published. If you wish justice to be done for the victims you should support the examination of the evidence by HASC

      • Bandini says:

        The ‘law of libel’ prevented NOTHING being published.
        The fear of libelling, yes. And quite possibly correctly so, given the thread-bare accusations made.

        • Samy says:

          The law of libel never prevented anything being published and Tate being in the media knows this – it’s a false claim used time after time by the gutter tabloids to excuse their in-action or ignorance of a story they now wish to claim knowledge of.

          I was libeled along with a co-worker in 1984 by the News Of The World even after we assured them it was a case of mistaken identity. I was a no-one of little power who happened to share the same name as rich pornographer and owned a small publishing firm.

          The journalist who wrote the story clearly accepted his mistake beforehand with the claim..”then sue”, which we did with the NoTW offering an immediate settlement of £10K each plus costs (around £20K) in an exercise that cost News Ltd nearly £50K which seemed totally inconsequential when I later met the hack for a drink : “cost of doing business” he claimed.

          The same claims were made about Savile and they were hogwash. Which is why all of Britain’s ghastly tabloids kept promoting the washed-up has been Savile on his charity runs but now claim they knew all about him.

          Guaranteed : Tate’s claims will kick along the Brittan claims with Tate getting great mileage out of them. Truth of course does not matter.

  4. Cliff Williams says:

    Is this the Same Tim Tate who’s ridiculous claims about SRA in his ‘book’ were ordered to be pulped?


  5. Dennis says:

    Oh dear. If you’re going to sling mud you’ll need a far more credible site than that one.

    SAFF @SAFFtweets
    As SAFF prophesied; less than 24hrs after Leon’s death the #CSAI vultures begin to swoop: http://thebea.st/1Bkc4Oz #liesthepresscannotresist

    Have you actually read any other articles on that site? I doubt it, but suggest you do. You may not be so keen to quote it then.

    • Bandini says:

      The SAFF site is an excellent repository of referenced & checkable facts relating to the Satanist Scare/Dickens.
      I personally don’t have the slightest interest/belief in anything EXCEPT referenced & checkable facts (so ignore the rest of it).

      It might be worth pointing out the fundamentalist Christian crackpots pushing a load of this dubious nonsense, too… they crave blood in a way that’d shame any self-disrespecting devil worshipper!

  6. I wonder when Tim Tate actually wrote this short article, as it was common knowledge that the deceased was dying of cancer. It is a shame that a man who served his country ended up with the media devoting more time to unsubstantiated stories than to his political career.

    Yet all of this could be avoided if we went to the European system of guilty until proven innocent may be better than innocent to be proven guilty. For in the latter case we have ended up with inaction by the police and by the DWP. If the law was based on the European system than I am sure that the deceased would have not had a minute devoted to his political career and five minutes devoted to rumours of child abuse and if any work is published on his career a chapter on the missing dossier, and alleged cover ups by members of conservative party.

    I was told many years ago about paedophile rings in the British establishment and was giving names. so far the source was correct 75% of the time, In the coming months and years we will discover other paedophiles and sex abusers in the media after their demise. But who is more guilty the abuser or those who cover their tracks to protect them. It is those who know about the sins of their colleagues and do nothing who commit the greater sin and those who are the apologists for them, well treat them with the utter contempt they deserve

    • Bandini says:

      It must have been a pretty insignificant Establishment “ring” if 75% of the members have already been correctly outed! But seeing as they have been, why not share their names with us?

      Oh, and you really do yourself no favours by suggesting that those who ‘knew’ but said nothing are as equally guilty – if not more so – than the perpetrators: judging by your post you just sentenced yourself to an eternity in Hell.

      [From your profile: “I believe that those who covered it up or REMAINED SILENT are as guilty as the evil monsters who carried out the abuse.”]

    • Samy says:

      There is much to be said for the Inquisitorial system where cases rarely proceed to a court unless it’s almost guaranteed a conviction will be gained after an investigating magistrate or judge has spent considerable time perusing the evidence.
      Perhaps it’s significant that in France under this system there are approximately 35% less rape cases than the UK with rarely an acquittal.
      Circumstantial ‘evidence’ is never accepted but increasingly in the UK it is creeping in as the goal posts are moved.

  7. Bandini says:

    When some were busy transcribing the unaccountably dreadful-quality recording of the Solanki/Fielding “interview” I tried unsuccessfully to raise what I considered – and still consider – the far more important point: why & who lept to the ridiculous conclusion that the initials ‘LB’ on a tape must refer to Leon Brittan:


    (And speaking of “transcribing”, didn’t anyone learn the lesson from the previous episode? Obviously not..)

    It’s somewhat ironic to see these “investigations” being batted about between people & sites supposedly trying to get to the bottom of things, when those self same entities played a pivotal role in inflating the lunatic claims to self-sustaining size in the first place.

    Let’s be clear here: Chris Fay’s box of fairytales led to BOTH of the competing ‘ex-Minister paedo video shocker’ tales, directly or indirectly. There’ll be no scrubbing of the internet here – the collaborators in that little enterprise will have to pay the piper.

    Mr Tate, in your Telegraph piece the following appears:

    “…no action was taken against the MP at the time the videos were seized. The same MP is understood to have been named in the Dickens dossier, which was handed to the then Home Secretary Lord Brittan…”

    Really? You ‘understood’ that Dickens included in his ridiculous grab-bag of libelous claims the name of the MP, Leon Brittan, but that that didn’t stop him from handing it over to the same man, Leon Brittan?!? Seriously? Well, it would seem so, as only a few paragraphs further in the article all doubt has vanished:

    “Lord Brittan, now 74, has faced questions over his handling of a bundle of papers handed to him by the late Mr Dickens, which contained allegations against the same MP…”

    The result of this article, of course, was that attention was diverted from Brittan, as even that renowned cretin, Biffa Dickens, couldn’t have been so stupid as to hand over serious allegations about a man TO the man… surely?

    But never mind. On to your revelations above. Please correct me if I am wrong, as these are only my somewhat cynical musings, but in a nutshell we have the following:

    – Tim Tate has interview with detective A (whose identity is known to Tate but must remain a secret to everyone else)
    – detective A relates to TT a story involving other police, let’s call ’em B & C
    – B & C allegedly spoke to Solanki (according to A, that is, but their identities are not known to TT)
    – Tim Tate relates to US a story of how A gave an ‘off the record’ interview, during which A related to TT the adventures of B & C.

    If the above is correct, let me re-write the following passage in a more transparent manner:

    You wrote:
    “The detective said he was certain that Mr Solanki was telling the truth and that the latter’s recollection of the incident was reliable.”

    I write:
    “According to Tim Tate, he had an off-the-record conversation with an un-named detective who never actually spoken with Solanki. However, the detective claimed to Tate that he HAD spoken to some unknown officers who DID speak to Solanki. And, according to Tate, those officers had confirmed to the detective that Solanki was telling the truth. Oh! I almost forgot: It is not clear whether the un-named detective is even still a serving police officer.”

    Great stuff! Straight to the source, eh?!?

    So I return to my first paragraph: who thought that those initials had the slightest connection to Leon Brittan. And why?

    The fAy-Team is a conundrum, as it seems to consist largely of Howling Mad Murdochs with an occasional Templeton Peck (but without his luck with the ladies). What interests me is the Hannibal character. And, eventually, Steven J. Cannell…

    A lucky-bag of supposedly serious journalists, common crooks, bloggers & low-rent frauds, churning out story & anti-story to cancel it out (but keep the whole thing ‘trending’)? It would seem so. One day they just may have to answer the door to B.A. Baracas. And his attitude will be justifiably BAD!

  8. […] Gladio and false flags; President of Turkey – Erdogan – and opinions on Charlie Hebdo attacks. Interview with Wiltshire based documentary producer and author on child abuse Tim Tate about former …; when Home Secretary in 1984 Mr Brittan was handed a paedophile dossier by Geoffery Dickens MP and […]

  9. Samy says:

    So Tim Tate thinks convicted con-man and fraudster Chris Fay is a reliable source even though Fay has backtracked on his original ‘list’ and made an odd claim that it was a mixture of ‘victims’ and ‘perps”. (and NAYPAC was a very dodgy “charity” that lasted about 18 months seeking government donations and neither Fay or his co-worker Moss had the slightest credentials)

    On another forum Tate has accused a poster of counting 2+2=7 yet he does it himself by leaping over what emerges as a man with a dodgy memory that appears to work at some stages and not others. ( Tate’s assumption that a policeman was telling the truth is laughable)

    Bandini posts a reasonable statement : that the notion that Dicken’s ‘lists’ (that was all they were compiled from anonymous letters without details, times etc) to the very man who was on that list is simply madness.
    And it is in Hansard and there are written letters to prove Leon Brittan took Dicken’s claims seriously enough to request he seek more information and proof, something Dickens never ever did with any of his so-called “dossiers”. Dickens could never deliver when put on the mat.

    This looks like a classic Fleet Street attempt to give credibility by scotching some claims and the conjuring up more to actually kick the story along with Tate at the centre.

    No wonder Britain’s journalists are so untrusted.

    • bobchewie says:

      I see the Racoony loonies show up on here not surprising since they have nothing better to do with their time

      • Samy says:

        Easy to accuse as you have done but what do you object to ?
        The facts are Fay IS a convicted con-man who has never apologised to the 100s of pensioners he helped rip off in the infamous Olympic Boiler Room scam as late as 2010. All he does is moan that he “made a bad choice”,

        As Gojam above will confirm, Fay has back tracked at great speed over his infamous list and both he and Moss had no qualifications in child protection and their so-called charity ran out of donated funds very quickly.

        So you are entitled to your view that people may be loonies but you really should put or shut up if you wish to sling insults from the sidelines.
        And seeing most of this stuff emanated from the madam of a brothel it’s amazing that anyone would take her seriously yet, when her husband said in the Express just the other day the Elm House claims were hogwash no-one seems to want to accept it.

        In other words they have cherry picked lurid claims that they wish to be true which says much about their thinking.

    • TIM TATE says:


      No: you seem unable to read. I think – as indeed dod te detective – that Fay is a fantasist.

      Try harder.

  10. bobchewie says:

    Eric why dont you use your proper name ?

  11. JS2 says:

    Reblogged this on TIME TO START CARING and commented:
    An excellent post, well worth the read

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  13. […] A radio interview with writer and filmmaker Tim Tate about the evidence behind the Leon Brittan allegations. It covers the interception by a customs officer of ‘child abuse pornography’ in the possession of Leon Brittan, and the investigation by MET officers into the alleged rape and sexual abuse of children by the former Home Office Minister and Home Secretary at Elm Guest House. Tim encourages people to write to the Home Affairs Select Committee (chaired by Keith Vaz) and ask them to call the customs officer and the MET detectives to appear before them, along with the case files from the MET. Tim Tate writes a post covering the same topic here. […]

  14. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  15. […] Ex-Tory minister ‘pictured in child sex abuse video’ confiscated by customs / Leon Brittan – Tim Tate […]

  16. GMB says:

    ‘He’s all over the place’ apologies to Chas and Dave…

    Exaro were never given a copy by the holders of our original Solanki tape of 4.2.14 until last Saturday the 24.1.15. It has now been circulated to various MP’s, a few journalists and child protection experts. Mr Solanki clearly indentifies Leon Brittan and a boy being featured in that tape he seized in 1982. In addition to that tape we have another upfront taped recorded interview, this time with Russell Howard Tricker, in which he confirms the Solanki seizure of the ‘LB’ tape from him at Dover in 1982 but Mr Tricker denies he knew what was in the package taken from him. The existance of our Solanki tape was disclosed to a senior MPS detective then investigating Leon Brittan and others. He was asked if he had seen the Sunday Express article (23/2/14). His response was yeh we have interviewed Solanki. He was then informed so have we and we have him on tape, THERE WAS NO RESPONSE. The silence was deafening…That information was recently passed to Operation Trinity @ Stratford. This time the response was different.

    • bobchewie says:

      @GMB i wonder where this smuggling porn came from ?
      After all it still suggests the guy was into offending with childrem

    • Bandini says:

      And along comes Hannibull!

      “Der de-de der, de de-de der…” Ho ho ho!

      Exaro suggested that the Solanki recording was set to “blow the lid off” Westminster. It didn’t. That was over six-months ago. Now that Brittan’s clogs are well & truly popped the Crazy Gang think to hand over the “original” “tape”. Marvelous!

      And now they spool-out like so much ticker tape ANOTHER suggestion of an upcoming feast: the Tricker Tape!

      Let me guess: a Fielding field-recording, made on his Olde Style portable steam-powered wax cylinder machine. If it’s like the last one it’ll sound like a nest of vipers – appropriately! – sharing a bowl of Rice Krispies…

      “Snap! Krackle! POP! Hisssss…”

      GMB, you previously suggested that Fay had tried to set the team behing the McAlpine-fiasco straight BEFORE the transmission of said report.

      This is quite a startling claim, given that that investigation started the self-safe day that Watson MP opened his well-used cakehole in the Commons, and that from that moment to transmission there passed a mere 9-days. And yet you claim that Fay was giving his input…

      If this claim is correct it raises some astonishing questions, questions that I doubt any of those involved would wish to answer (or be called to answer). And if it’s not…

      It wouldn’t be hard to find many, many more examples of this drip-feeding of dubious dreck into the insatiable beaks of the clucking conspiraphiles. But I’ll spare you & the others for now.

      Back to Solanki… and, I’m afraid, back yet again to my ‘pertinent point’: why, when good old Google threw up the 30-year old Customs Seizure notice in the London Gazette, was the “connection” made between the initials, “LB”, and the man, Leon Brittan?
      Just a wild stab in the dark (that led to journos bombarding him with leading questions & a name they’d already decided upon)? A hunch?!? Feel like choosing my lottery numbers for me?

      Was Solanki quizzed too, for example, on the identity of GB? Somehow I doubt it.

      And the Gazette-listing itself: are we to believe that a massive conspiracy & clean-up operation was set in motion by the seizure, those shadowy forces of the State determinedly making it all vanish into thin air… But that somehow they were stupid enough to go to the lengths of PLACING the notice in the Gazette several months later? Seriously?!?

      I’d love to have been at that meeting, when whoever-was-in-charge had that balls-up brought to his attention! “You did WHAT???” There’d have been some Exaro-style DYNAMITE that day, I’d wager!
      (They missed another trick when it came to digitizing the Gazette-archive, too, but never mind).

      But I’ll play along for a while… let’s imagine that an old & unwell man is brought – reluctantly, I’d imagine – before a commitee to “reveal the truth.” Without any corroborating evidence, what would his word alone actually amount to? Even assuming he backed-up others’ version of events, it would still just be his word (as THEIR version of events is based on HIS alleged claim!). And this is relevant for the following reason:

      Many seemingly sane, respectable & respected former officials have made astounding claims. Instead of a lowly Customs’ official making a claim about a DEAD man, why not a high-ranking retired politician, or why not a decorated ex-Army colonel, anyone of which will swear on oath that those UFOs are extra-terrestrial in origin, that their passengers are here amongst us, and that “we” are collaborating secretly with them…

      By “we” I of course mean “they” – those Establishment scoundrels!
      They even have a name for ’em: the ‘Majestic 12’. Reminds one of Fay’s ‘Elite 12’, eh? You remember, that group of Rolls-driving toddler-torturing toffs he was banging on about a quarter-of-a-century ago…

      “It’s only words, and words are all I have…”

      • bobchewie says:

        @Bandini how is Convicted paedophile Tom O Carrols Anna Raloony fan club doing ?
        And the rest of the paedo fan club in that rat hole of yours

        • Bandini says:

          You’re certainly covering all bases there, Bob:
          – rotten grammar
          – false information
          – baseless insults
          – a complete avoidance of dealing with points raised in post to which you are replying

          Go and shake your revivalist’s tambourine with the rest of the believers, eh? Stood in a puddle you’d be out of your depth!

          • bobchewie says:

            @bandini and you avoid answering no great surprise just says it all.. is moor larkin still pushing the graham ovenden is innocent crap ? That self confessed paedophile that expected to be jailed himself ..

  17. GMB says:

    Hi Ian thanks for keeping my post up of 27.1.15 it appears the needle did not like it has been removed from the three articles I attached it to on the needle. It just tells us we are making progress… Cheers GMB

  18. bobchewie says:

    @bandini what false information is that? Tom O Carrol is a convicted paedophile ? Or the fact he praised susanne aka anna racoon ?
    Which bit is false then ? Do tell…

    • Bandini says:

      Bob, rather than respond to your daft nonsense (TOC pulling levers behind Anna Raccoon, Graham Ovenden having something to do with anything, etc., etc.) I’ll point you in the direction of this from Gojam/Needleblog:


      Ever late to the ball, Gojam pens a piece regarding Brittan/Elm – which in turn draws comments from Tim Tate – which follow on from what has been mentioned above.

      And I’m going to quote MYSELF from above, a few days before the Needleblog’s scales supposedly fell:

      “A lucky-bag of supposedly serious journalists, common crooks, bloggers & low-rent frauds, churning out story & anti-story to cancel it out (but keep the whole thing ‘trending’)? It would seem so.”

      I hope those who have been pushing this crap & are now seeking to sneak out the side-door have their Libel Insurance Cover premiums paid fully up to date!

      Please try & remember who said what & when, and then you’ll maybe get to the ‘why’ of it. My take on things hasn’t changed, the truth being a constant.

      (I won’t be responding again to your unfathomable posts – sorry. Focus your attention on the magic-bean sellers instead, eh? Good luck.)

      • bobchewie says:

        @BANDINI hmm so maggie jervis never told you her little secret then ?
        I wonder why
        But with paedo chums like yours why would shs
        You lot hang out with some strange creepy people
        Oh by the way whats it to you about Leon Brittan ..was he a mate of yours you seem to be getting all upset about what people have been saying about him why is that ?

        Just another dead VIP nonce but you seem to be bothered by it all…..

      • bobchewie says:

        (I won’t be responding again to your unfathomable posts –


  19. Bandini says:

    Given the exceedingly slim chance that any sane person would place much store in the copious rants of Mr Robert Chewter, this shouldn’t need saying… but this being the 21st Century, one never knows, so:

    – I’ve never met, spoken to, or had any communication whatsoever with Maggie Jervis, somewhat reducing the likelihood (to zero!) of her ever having confided in me her “secrets”, be they little, large or inbetween-sized.

    – I have no “paedo chums”. I’ve never knowingly seen, met or communicated with a “paedo” in my life.

    – I mostly “hang out” with my girlfriend of many years standing. She is neither creepy nor strange.

    – My memory is not what it was, but I think I can say with near-total certainty that I have never been friends with the now-dead former Minister, Leon Brittan. I was, however, once friendly with a former MINER who, during that notorious strike, experienced Brittan’s “tough” stand on policing firsthand: he & others were dragged into the back of a van to have the shit brutally kicked out of them by those wonderful boys in blue, offered the choice between an arrest that would come from resisting or chowing down on fist & foot pie. Perhaps this is where a tiny part of Bob’s colossal confusion comes from?

    I don’t know, some people seem determined to pursue their own mad destiny, a future of curtain-twitchery as the ‘MI5 paedo spy’ – who bears an uncanny resemblance to the postman – tries to force an overdue bill through the letterbox of ‘that house where the nutter lives’, with his more-than-one-hundred cats (several of which are still, miraculously, clinging on to life).
    Don’t mind if I don’t join you, eh?

  20. Can we keep to the discussion rather than personal rants. I am not sure if having a 100 cats is apart of this discussion. I thought we were all trying to achieve the same outcome but to be honest I am beginning to think that some are more interested in their own egos than in justice.
    Bear one thing in mind in all this: the other day a well known historian pointed out the obvious although we have won our rights and liberties, they can be eroded. As anyone thought of the rights of liberties of the abused children and can someone point to Mrs May and her friends that they are not above the law and also anyone working for the security services that they are employees of the state and not employed by their temporary political masters.
    Now we hear rumours of people being sent to Broadmoor to keep them quiet. Rumours it might be, but because of the corrupted political class in this country it will not be before long this is all over the internet and one must ask is how long before we have a gulag for those who dissent from the established order.

  21. Total garbage like Rolf Harris, Savile, and Cosby in the United States. All talk and never anything more:


  22. bobchewie says:

    What’s it to you Mr Baron like all the other racoon loonies you make a big fuss but don’t say why you are

  23. […] Tim Tate re-emerges with his reputation intact in some circles as a ‘distinguished writer and film-maker‘….*cough*. […]

  24. […] Leon Brittan – A guest post by Tim Tate on the investigations into and evidence relating to him (23/1/15) […]

  25. […] Ex-Tory minister ‘pictured in child sex abuse video’ confiscated by customs / Leon Brittan – Tim Tate […]

  26. […] Ex-Tory minister ‘pictured in child sex abuse video’ confiscated by customs / Leon Brittan – Tim Tate […]

  27. […] Ex-Tory minister ‘pictured in child sex abuse video’ confiscated by customs / Leon Brittan – Tim Tate […]

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