Leon Brittan Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle Child Abuse Images Into UK.

I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of this. It is vital that the detective who told Tim Tate about a customs’ officer stopping Brittan at Dover, and seizing video tapes of child abuse from him is interviewed and also gives his information to the inquiry as soon as possible.



I’m very grateful to journalist Tim Tate for leaving this comment, quoted below, which has confirmed my suspicions about the provenance of The Daily Telegraph story, also quoted below, which alleged that Leon Brittan had been caught trying to smuggle indecent images of children into Dover while he had been an EU Commissioner in the late 1980s.

Tim Tate is on the byline of the original Daily Telegraph story

“Almost a year ago I interviewed a very senior detective who was handling the Brittan investigation. He was very clear that the Customs Officer (referred to above) had made a clear and credible statement about stopping Brittan at Dover, and seizing child pornography video tapes from him. The Customs Officer stated that he viewed the tapes and was able to describe what was on them.

That statement is – or should be – still held at the Metropolitan Police station…

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9 Comments on “Leon Brittan Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle Child Abuse Images Into UK.”

  1. […] Leon Brittan Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle Child Abuse Images Into UK.. […]

  2. GMB says:

    ‘He’s all over the place’ apologies to Chas and Dave…

    Exaro were never given a copy by the holders of our original Solanki tape of 4.2.14 until last Saturday the 24.1.15. It has now been circulated to various MP’s, a few journalists and child protection experts. Mr Solanki clearly indentifies Leon Brittan and a boy being featured in that tape he seized in 1982. In addition to that tape we have another upfront taped recorded interview, this time with Russell Howard Tricker, in which he confirms the Solanki seizure of the ‘LB’ tape from him at Dover in 1982 but Mr Tricker denies he knew what was in the package taken from him. The existance of our Solanki tape was disclosed to a senior MPS detective then investigating Leon Brittan and others. He was asked if he had seen the Sunday Express article (23/2/14). His response was yeh we have interviewed Solanki. He was then informed so have we and we have him on tape, THERE WAS NO RESPONSE. The silence was deafening…That information was recently passed to Operation Trinity @ Stratford. This time the response was different.

  3. GMB says:

    I appears the needle a bit slow in putting the above up… the time know is 10:06 posted on 3 articles pre. Ianpace blogg posting above

  4. GMB says:

    Must have popped a viagra it now up!

  5. GMB says:

    Back again…I dont think viagra is all it is cracked up to be.
    Thanks Ian for keeping my post up of 27.1.15 it appears the needle really did not like it. Now it has been removed from the three articles I attached it to on the needle. It just tells us we are making progress… Cheers GMB

  6. TIM TATE says:


    Could you please identify the part of the audio tape in which – to use your words – Mr Solanki “clearly identifies Leon Brittan and a boy featured in that tape he seized in 1982” ?

    You can cut and paste from the transcript (any of them) the section where you say he does this.

  7. TIM TATE says:


    I’m awaiting your reply. The silence, to use your own turn of phrase, is deafening.

  8. TIM TATE says:

    And still nothing. How strange

  9. GMB says:

    See postings on https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/correction-and-direction/
    It also appears my plus postings are still not up. Oh I forgot the moderator has other things to do…section briefing?

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