A Fortnight in the Life of the Overarching Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry. Where now?

An extremely comprehensive account of the last two weeks – essential reading.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

[If this message is here, I am still tinkering with a few links and corrections]

Much has happened in the last fortnight :

1. 2014 31 Oct Fri am First Meeting of survivors with the Home Office Secretariat

2. 2014 Oct 31 Fri pm The official resignation of the Chair,  Fiona Woolf

3. 2014 Nov 3 Mon. Statement by Fiona May in the House of Commons, reply by opposition and then questions.

4. Ian Mcfayens group, who are bringing the Judicial Review, including Andi Lavery and David Berrows Solicitor, and some others meet with Keith Vaz and Home Office Select Committee @CommonsHomeAffairs

5. 2014 Nov 7 Second meeting of survivors and representatives with Home Office Secretariat and panel members.

6. 2014 Nov 11 Home Affairs Select Committee with Peter Saunders, Alison Millar and Hilary Willmer

There is a need to review all that went on – with the appointment of…

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