What leading UK politicians should pledge about organised child abuse

Proper statements and pledges from leading frontbench politicians in all the three major mainland UK political parties have been far from forthcoming; whilst Theresa May has granted a full national inquiry, there have been severe problems with the choices of chair and also the terms of reference. The sheer gravity of what is alleged as concerns politicians themselves seems to be made little apparent. With this in mind, I have drafted the sort of pledge that I feel such politicians ought to make in order to generate some confidence in the process:

A wide variety of allegations have been made of the most serious nature imaginable: that high-level figures in British society, including major politicians in all parties, have been involved in the sexual abuse and trafficking of children in a multitude of named cases. It is also alleged that others have worked to protect and cover up the operations of networks of abusers around the country and further afield. All of this is alleged to have taken place over an extended period of time. It would naturally be inappropriate to comment on the veracity of specific allegations prior to full investigation and the national inquiry, but I wish to pledge the full and unconditional support of my party towards the most thorough investigation possible. This will include maximum co-operation with all investigations, with full unrestricted access to any relevant documentation, including that to which access is currently restricted, and protection for all whistleblowers who might be constrained by the Official Secrets Act or otherwise. These allegations threaten to taint the UK political system and the operation of government permanently, and it is vital that we do everything in our powers to ensure that today’s generation of politicians demonstrate their total abhorrence of and resistance to such hideous actions. With this in mind, we will not shrink from pursuing full exposure and where appropriate prosecution of any figures, no matter how prominent or senior, found to have committed such heinous acts or to have covered up for others who have done so.

If the leaders and frontbenches of the major parties will not give this type of a pledge, then we should hear their reasons for not doing so.

5 Comments on “What leading UK politicians should pledge about organised child abuse”

  1. Phil Frampton says:

    Hi Ian – very good. It would be an idea to bullet point the pledges, as right now it appears too wordy for agitating around…. Could be a 5-point pledge or whatever…

  2. browncoat777 says:

    This disgusting act isnt limited to UK. us and other World Govts are involved. As well as Hollywood particularly a big company geared at kids.

    Its Frightening … It makes me sick the things I have heard involving such allegations… especially in using the hundreds of thousands of kids that go missing each year.

    Sick! We need to clean house and not allow this to be perpetuated.

  3. Peter Cox says:

    Excellent, Ian. I like the idea proposed above of bullet points / a five point pledge.

  4. holliegreigjustice says:

    Reblogged this on holliegreigjustice and commented:

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