Proof that Islington Council ignored request to help with police investigation of Nick Rabet in April 1992


RabetThis letter proves that Islington Council were asked for assistance with the investigation of Nicholas Rabet in April 1992. Sussex Police requested a visit to Islington’s offices. They wanted to check files held on Rabet, including those which contained details of his relationship to children in the care of Islington Council, children’s visits to Rabet’s home in Sussex, and any complaints made against Rabet while he was deputy superintendent of Islington’s 114 Grosvenor Avenue children’s home.

Sussex Police were investigating allegations that Rabet had abused children at the Stables ‘activity centre’ near Heathfield, Sussex. Rabet was never charged with an offence, and went on to sexually abuse dozens of boys in Thailand. He killed himself in 2006 just before his case came to trial.

“The council also thwarted attempts by Sussex police to gather evidence against Rabet in the early Nineties, when officers learned that he had supplied a national…

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