Was the Scotland Yard investigation into missing boys stopped?

Today, as reported by Don Hale (to whom Barbara Castle allegedly gave her dossier which included names of 16 MPs with PIE connections or sympathies) is a new article in the Mirror in which former Flying Squad Commander John O’Connor confirms that Scotland Yard were on the verge of investigating a major Westminster paedophile ring in the early 1980s – he is also sure that the files will be preserved somewhere. See http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ex-scotland-yard-commander-were-ready-3894071?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed

In light of this major new development, do read this characteristically brilliant post from Spotlight asking about why the Scotland Yard investigation was stopped in 1982.


On 9th August 1982, just one day after the Elm Guest House raid was first reported in the national news, this story appeared in the Daily Express:


This shows that the police investigation had widened and was looking at several other London venues. The next day, 10th August 1982, the Daily Express printed this story:


The police clearly believed there was some very nasty business going on at Elm Guest House. The really worrying thing is that I can’t find any mention in the archives of the outcome of this line of enquiry. It’s one thing for the authorities to cover up a “homosexual scandal” involving politicians, but were they also prepared to cover up child abuse and even child murder?

8 year old Vishal Mehrotra  went missing on the night of the Royal Wedding in 1981. He was on his way home to Holmbush Road in Putney, less than…

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