PIE: Charles Oxley Interview 1983

Further to the material I posted earlier this month on Charles Oxley, who infiltrated PIE, and was also close to both Geoffrey Dickens and Mary Whitehouse ( https://ianpace.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/mary-whitehouse-and-charles-oxley-on-pie-and-another-letter-to-leon-brittan/ ) , see this from earlier this year on the Needle blog, featuring an interview with Oxley


Charles Oxley who infiltrated PIE Charles Oxley who infiltrated PIE

Asked how he, Charles Oxley, was sure that members of PIE actually abused children, he replies,

“Because I’ve heard them boast about their activities [at PIE committee meetings]. One of them boasted about an afternoon he spent with two boys on the river Thames.”

I wonder who he could be talking about ?

Extract of Charles Oxley interview begins 10 minutes in.

BBC Radio 4

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