A senior psychologist urges Oliver Heald MP to support an inquiry into organised child abuse

I urge everyone to read this letter to Oliver Heald MP, Solicitor General.


This letter has been redacted to remove the name/address of the sender and the name of a local authority.


.Dear Oliver Heald

I am writing to suggest that you add your name to the growing list of MPs from all parties who are asking Teresa May to set up a National Enquiry into organised child abuse.
Before retiring from the NHS and moving into your constituency I was the Head of Psychology for a large authority. I had worked with offenders, including Paedophiles, and contributed over many years to staff training within health, social services, magistrates and the police. I also liaised with the Obscene Publications Squad at Scotland Yard which at that time was attempting to take on a national role in looking at paedophile networks. My role as I saw it was to develop an understanding of the psychology of child sexual abuse and to advise…

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