Peter McKelvie asks Sir Tony Baldry MP to support a national independent inquiry into ‘decades of organised abuse’

This is a very important letter from Peter McKelvie, who makes clear here that he was the source for Tom Watson’s question to the Prime Minister in October 2012, to the Right Honourable Sir Tony Baldry, Conservative MP for Banbury, who was a personal assistant to Margaret Thatcher in the 1970s. All of those concerned about networks of abusers who were connected to the highest levels of Westminster and government should read this.


Dear Sir Tony,

You will no doubt be aware of the growing clamour, now joined by a cross-party group of over 40 MPs, for an Independent Hillsborough type Inquiry in to decades of organised abuse by networks that have infiltrated both the care system and the boarding school institutions of this country.

These networks include politicians, both national and local, from all political parties as well as residential social workers,police officers, teachers, judges, civil servants to name but a few.

You will no doubt be aware of the PMQ yesterday, 11th June, by Duncan Hames, until recently PPS to the Deputy Prime Minister, in which Mr.Hames asked for the Prime Minister’s support for such an Inquiry but Mr. Cameron felt that the Home Office had the situation under control and no further measure was required.

I am the retired Child Protection Team Manager who approached MP, Tom Watson, in October…

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One Comment on “Peter McKelvie asks Sir Tony Baldry MP to support a national independent inquiry into ‘decades of organised abuse’”

  1. GMB says:

    Posted on the Needleblog June 15, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    Mr McKelvie, you do mean Fairbank?. I ask this because I suspect it was yours and Tom W’s allegations which led to Fairbank not Fernbridge. My first allegations led to the scoping exercise of Richmond and the Elm which resulted in the Fernbridge criminal investigation. Along with the help of journalists, in particular, James Hanning of the IoS, who was first to raise the story about the Elm, we are progressing into other areas linked but not associated until recently with this establishment paedophile ring of abuse and murder* (*confimed to me on the 10/4/14 by a foreign Police Force). I also have recently received some very interesting feedback via two FoI’s which I initiated on the Azimuth Trust.
    I also have the details of a sympathetic and well a placed former Metropolitan Detective Chief Inspector who has passed on the contact details of a senior ranking police officer(s) who were directly involved in the EGH operation. Those same officers also had ‘Dispatches’ type threats and approaches from their superiors at the Yard made to them, even though they had the man ‘bang to rights’. And there is more – a lot more! So if I, ‘a Desk Top Detective’ – Met Officer and a ‘Glory Seeker’ – Exaro – can find this evidence why no further arrests?

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