A man of God



By their hand-wringing they all protected the vicar: the Church of England, the Humberside police, even the politicians.

When a Childwatch trustee, Geoffrey Dickens MP, tried to name him in Parliament, his question was returned “disallowed by Mr Speaker – unnecessary invidious use of a name.”

When complaints were made up to bishop level, the excuse was that there had not been a conviction.

When the police were questioned, they said they could not get a conviction because of the problem of corroborating the testimony of the boys.

And all the while, the Reverend Jan Borge Knos was able to carry on touring the council estate, picking up boys and abusing them; renting his soft porn videos from the shop, and flouting every moral law in the good book.

Crime paid, he owned a yacht. And while a trusting community was systematically raped by the vicar of St. Michael and…

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