University investigates PhD student’s internet links with convicted paedophiles (10.09.01)


The Scotsman, 10th September 2001

A PhD student at Glasgow University researching sex between men and boys is being investigated over claims that he was corresponding with convicted paedophiles on the internet.
Richard Yuill, who has completed nearly two years in the sociology department researching sexual relationships between men and boys, will face disciplinary action if it is found that he has misused his position.
His e-mail and web accesses have now been withdrawn.

E-mails that passed between Mr Yuill and members of a paedophile group with contacts all over Europe were intercepted by an academic on the Continent.
They appear to reveal a campaign by a number of highly-educated paedophiles intent on driving down the age of consent in countries all over Europe and promoting acceptance of sexual relationships between adults and youngsters.
Some of Mr Yuill’s correspondents were formerly associated with the Paedophile Information Exchange. PIE was targeted…

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