The Sentencing Council took advice from convicted paedophiles about sentencing for child sex offences


Convicted paedophiles Tom O’Carroll and Stephen King both influenced legal panels about sentencing for paedophile offences. O’Carroll advised the Sentencing Council. King advised the Metropolitan Police, the Law Society, the Bar Council, the Law Commission, and the Probation Service.

Sunday Express, 15th September 2002


Child porn ‘expert’ jailed for abusing young girls

The Guardian, 17th March 2004

A man who offered advice to judges on the sentencing of users of child pornography and lectured police about paedophilia was jailed for seven years yesterday for sexually abusing three young girls.

 Stephen King, whose name appears in an advisory report submitted to appeal court judges, took photographs and made videos of himself with the children.

 He was caught only after police searched his south London home as part of an investigation into benefits fraud and officers noticed pornography near his computer terminal.

 When detectives investigated his background they found he was jailed…

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