Greville Janner: A letter from a convict and a standing ovation from MPs


In 1991 Greville Janner, the Labour MP for Leicester West, became the first MP in history to be accused of child sexual abuse in a court of law. (Guardian 31/10/91)

The Cyril Smith case has shown that allegations against an MP or VIP would never normally have got as far as court, but the allegations against Janner were raised indirectly during the trial of the paedophile social worker Frank Beck.

After Beck’s trial had finished, Janner returned to the House of Commons to declare his innocence and received a standing ovation from MPs.

And what proof did Janner have to convince other MPs of his innocence?

Well, apparently he had received a letter from a convicted criminal, a cellmate of Frank Beck, which  said Beck intended to ‘frame’ Janner.

The letter was never produced as evidence by Janner, his word alone was good enough for MPs to believe…

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