Child Sex – The Wall of Silence

This 1988 documentary is vital viewing for anyone concerned about abuse in musical education – at the very beginning there is an interview with a professional violinist just called ‘Neil’ who admits to abusing hundreds (suggests possibly even thousands!) of children.


The London Programme, May 1988

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  1. Whilst it is of course valuable to have this further reminder from over a quarter century ago, it remains salutary to remember not only that sexual abuse is but one (albeit it no doubt the most widespread and grave one) of the kinds of abuse meted out to children which are under the spotlight of ongoing consideration but also that this programme – and many assumptions founded upon it and similar evidence – deals with child sexual abuse as though mainly or only men commit it; there’s very little consideration of such abuse committed by women and, whilst women pædophiles are undoubtedly in the minority, they still exist and the damage that they case is as serious as that done by male pædophiles.

  2. Troyhand says:

    Just found this in Googlebooks and it’s news to me.

    Leon Brittan was vice-chairman of the National Association of School Governors and Managers from its inception in 1970 to 1978.;+Contested+North+Kensington+1966,+1970;+Editor+of+Crossbow+%22&dq=%22Bow+Group+1964-65;+Contested+North+Kensington+1966,+1970;+Editor+of+Crossbow+%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=L75QU_zgKY-jyATro4HwBQ&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA
    The Political Companion – 2002

    [Page 409]
    Lord BRITTAN of Spennithorne QC (Con) Leon Brlttan
    Life Peer/Created 2000

    Date of Birth: 25/09/39 Education: Haberdashers’ Aske’s School; Trinity College, Cambridge University; Yale University Personal Interests: Opera, Art, Cricket, Walking Previous Occupations: Barrister; MP; Vice Chair (USB Warburg); Consultant (Herbert Smith); Distinguished Visiting Scholar (Yale University); Advisory Director (Unilever) Cabinet Posts: Chief Secretary to Treasury 1981- 83; Home Secretary 1983-85; Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 1985-86 Ministerial Posts: Minister of State Home Office 1979-81 Opposition Posts: Spokesman on Devolution and House of Commons Affairs 1976-78, on Devolution and Employment 1978-79 Background: Chair Cambridge University Conservative Association 1960; President Cambridge Union 1960; Chair Bow Group 1964-65; Contested North Kensington 1966, 1970; Editor of Crossbow 1966-68; Vice Chair Employment Committee of Parliamentary Conservative Party 1974-76; **** Vice Chair National Association of School Governors and Managers 1970-78 **** ; MP for Cleveland and Whitby 1974-83, for Richmond (Yorkshire) 1983-88; Chair Society of Conservative Lawyers 1986-88; European Commissioner 1989-99; Vice President of the Commission 1989-93, 1995-99; Chancellor University of Teesside 1993; Distinguished Visiting Scholar Policy Studies Institute 1988

    House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW Tel: 020-7219 3000
    National Association of Governors and Managers:
    NAGM aims to improve the contribution made by school and college Governors to the quality of education. It represents governors in England and Wales and supports them in their voluntary public work by providing information, advice and training.

    National Association of Governors and Managers (NAGM)
    Launched in 1970, this pressure group was constituted for the purpose of reforming governing bodies by involving parents, pupils, teachers, the local community, and the local authority. This philosophy was later endorsed by the Taylor Committee in its report (1977). The Association, which is nonpolitical and financially independent, has played a leading part in the debate on the duties and responsibilities of governors and governing bodies since the Education Reform Act (1988), it has also sety up training courses for governors. Whereas the National Governors’ Council draws its membership from schools as a whole, the Association consists of individual members.
    NAGM Publications: Papers 1-22
    National Association of Governors and Managers (Great Britain)
    Proposals for the More Effective Functioning of School Governors and Managers Under Existing Legislation
    National Association of Governors and Managers
    London Boroughs Association, 1971 – School boards
    Parents and Teachers As Governors and Managers: A Survey of Practice in 28 Local Education Authorities
    National Association of Governors and Managers, 1973 – School administrators
    Proposals for the More Effective Functioning of Governors and Managers of Non-Maintained Special Schools, Including Suggested Amendments to the ‘Handicapped and Special School Regulations 1959’
    National Association of Governors and Managers (Great Britain)
    London Boroughs Association, 1974 – School boards
    Representation on managing and governing bodies of ILEA county schools : presented to the ILEA Schools Sub-Committee, May 1974
    National Association of Governors and Managers (Great Britain). ILEA Area.; Inner London Education Authority. Schools Sub-Committee.
    Suggestions for a Procedure to be Followed in Cases of Suspension of Children from School
    National Association of Governors and Managers, 1975 – School management and organization
    Evidence to the Taylor Committee
    National Association of Governors and Managers, 1977 – School management and organization
    Training for School Governors and Managers
    National Association of Governors and Managers, 1978

    Looks like Leon Brittan had a big influence over how the schools in Britain were controlled. 😦

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