Peter Tatchell and Dares to Speak


The controversy surrounding a letter that Peter Tatchell wrote to the Guardian in June 1997 has never gone away. Here is the original book review of Dares to Speak (edited by Joseph Geraci, who also edited the European paedophile magazine Paidika), followed by Peter Tatchell’s letter to the Guardian, Guardian readers’ responses, and finally Tatchell’s response to his critics. Tatchell now claims his original letter was edited by the Guardian, but for some reason he didn’t complain about this in his second letter to the Guardian.

The book review

The Observer, 22nd June 1997

Why Dares to Speak says nothing useful, by Ros Coward

Twenty years ago, paedophile groups caused a real problem for gay liberation politics. The majority of gay men didn’t think paedophilia had anything to do with combating discrimination against homosexual adults. But a small minority tried to use the movement to free “boy-love” from its social…

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  1. […] injustifiable ». Pourtant, cette lettre défendait un livre pro-pédophilie intitulé Dares to Speak, dans lequel Tatchell avait rédigé un chapitre. Aujourd’hui, Tatchell joue le rôle de […]

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