PIE and the Home Office: Three+ members/supporters on inside, funded, magazine printed and phone line

The extent to which the Paedophile Information Exchange established a thorough presence at the Home Office in the late 1970s and early 1980s is now becoming clear as more information becomes available. What transpires is alarming:

(a) According to a whistleblower who worked under senior civil servant (Assistant Secretary) Clifford Hindley, Hindley dismissed the objections of another member of staff to government money going to PIE, who received a total of £70 000 between 1977 and 1980. A recent report has quoted the whistleblower saying this funding was at the request of Special Branch, who may have been pursuing some undercover operation to monitor paedophiles; late former Home Office Minister Tim Raison must, according to the whistleblower, have approved the application. After early retirement in 1983, Hindley published a series of pro-pederastic articles on music and classical Greece in scholarly journals. whose arguments were scarcely-disguised PIE propaganda.

(b) PIE chair Steven Adrian Smith (who replaced Tom O’Carroll), also known as Steven Freeman, used a telephone number at the Home Office as the contact point for PIE, whilst he was working there as an electrical contractor, on behalf of firm Complete Maintenance Ltd. According to his own account, Smith stored file material in cabinets at the Home Office and received full security clearance from Scotland Yard, (Keith Dovkants, ‘Child sex ring’s ‘Home Office Link’, Standard, November 7th, 1984; Alex Marunchak, ‘Child-Sex Boss in Whitehall Shock’, The Sun, August 15th, 1982; Steven A. Smith, ‘PIE, from 1980 Until its Demise in 1985’, in The Betrayal of Youth: Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People, edited Warren Middleton (London: CL Publications, 1986), pp. 215-245). Smith claims he was provided with a furnished office as part of his contract, from which he could use the phone line, but another source connected to the Home Office informs me that it was unthinkable that such a contractor would be given access to a Home Office phone line. Smith was later said in court probably to have actually published the PIE magazine (which would then have been Minor Problems) in the Home Office itself (Sue Clough, ‘Paedophile jailed over child porn material’, Press Association, December 16th, 1991).

(c) PIE Secretary and Treasurer Barry Cutler was also employed in the Home Office in the early 1980s, until being discovered by the News of the World, whereupon he was sacked (Michael Parker, Stuart White and Alex Marunchak, ‘The Nasty Nine: Bosses who mastermind the secret web of filth’, News of the World, August 28th, 1983). Cutler was also highly active in the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, acting in 1999 as a spokesperson for the organisation on the abolition of Clause 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act (Graeme Wilson, ‘Fury at move to drop schools’ gay propaganda ban’, Daily Mail, August 23rd, 1999), and remaining on their Executive Committee at least as late as 2010.

(d) A Whitehall civil servant received a series of slides with images of abuse of young boys and obscene letters delivered to his departmental address. When this was discovered, one colleague’s protests that these materials should be handed over to the police were ignored, and it was treated as a purely internal matter (‘Two-year cover-up on dirty pictures’, Daily Express, November 25th, 1983). It is not known whether this was one of the three individuals above.

(e) Adrian Fulford (now Lord Justice Fulford), who was named last week in the Mail on Sunday as a key organiser of the so-called Conspiracy Against Public Morals to support key PIE figures, and wrote an article defending PIE (Martin Beckford, ‘High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail’, Mail on Sunday, March 9th, 2014), also acted as Smith’s defence barrister in a court case concerning publishing obscene material featuring children in 1991. Smith had previously fled to the Netherlands to avoid trial, and was tried after being deported by Dutch authorities (Sue Clough, ‘Paedophile jailed over child porn material’, Press Association, December 16th, 1991).

The Prime Minister or at least the Home Secretary need to make a statement about this level of PIE infiltration (involving three, possibly four individuals directly linked to the organisation) into the very government department responsible for law and order. Also, to answer the following questions:

(i) who was responsible for their employment (and dismissal or delay thereof) these individuals?
(ii) which ministers (Labour and/or Conservative) would have been aware of these individuals’s presence in the department?
(iii) which would have authorised the payments to PIE?

During the period of PIE’s official existence, 1974-1984, the Home Secretaries were Roy Jenkins (1974-1976), Merlyn Rees (1976-1979), William Whitelaw (1979-1983) and Leon Brittan (1983-1985); Ministers for Home Affairs were Lord Harris (1974-1979), Alex Lyon (1974-1976), Brynmor John (1976-1979), Lord Boston (Jan-May 1979), Leon Brittan (1979-1981), Timothy Raison (1979-1983), Patrick Mayhew (1981-1983), and David Waddington (1983-1987); Junior Ministers and Parliamentary Private Secretaries were Shirley Summerskill (1974-1979), Lord Belstead (1979-1982), Lord Elston (1982-1984), David Mellor (1983-1986) and Lord Glenarthur (1984-1986).

We also know that senior diplomat and MI6 officer Peter Hayman was an active member of PIE, and that members of PIE (including Smith – see above) received active political and legal support from a current High Court Judge (see Beckford, ‘High Court judge’, above); a further judge, now Chief Coroner, Peter Thornton, was also involved with the provision such support (Martin Beckford, ‘Now Chief Coroner is exposed as paedophile apologist who wanted age of consent to be 14’, Daily Mail, March 16th, 2014). Leading PIE member Peter Righton managed to wean his way into the whole social work and child protection world, occupying senior and influential positions (see a whole range of articles here), and his name has been linked to networks operating in public schools (see Eileen Fairweather, ‘Paedophile ring alleged at top public schools’, Standard, September 19th, 1996) and children’s homes. Not to mention PIE being affiliated to NCCL, who would take out adverts in two different PIE publications, Understanding Paedophilia and Magpie; current senior Labour politicians, including Deputy Leader Harriet Harman and Shadow Minister for Policing Jack Dromey were involved at the heart of NCCL at this time. The names of other senior politicians, including late MPs Peter Morrison (Conservative) and Cyril Smith (Liberal Democrat) have also been publicly linked to organised abuse involving young children in homes.

This is an extremely serious situation which demonstrates that the PIE network was able to infiltrate some of the upper echelons of British government and society in the 1970s and 1980s, This needs to be thoroughly investigated with proper resources and funding.

I also have clear information on the extent to which PIE members or sympathisers were very influential in different branches of academia – sociology, social work, child protection and the study of child abuse, criminology, music and the arts, and gender and sexuality studies. Some of their work was published by reputable scholarly journals (as I have detailed in the case of Hindley), and many obtained senior positions in leading universities. Various of their students continued to develop their ideas. To this day, some of their publications are still cited or otherwise used as if they were reliable and trustworthy, to such an extent that I believe elements of these professions have been corrupted.

Clear documentary evidence points to a highly-organised network with PIE at its centre; a network responsible not simply for the advocacy of paedophilia, but the organisation international rings of abusers and for the trafficking in child pornography. The seriousness of this cannot be underestimated. All politicians should be supporting the work of Tom Watson MP in trying to bring to light this awful network (which cannot be assumed to be merely ‘historic’), and address honestly the ways in which its activities and ideologies may have infiltrated their own parties.


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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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  4. […] For the wider context of this article regarding Barry Cutler’s employment at the Home Office see Ian Pace’s post PIE and the Home Office: Three+ members/supporters on inside, funded, magazine printed and phone lin… […]

  5. Frank chalmers says:

    This is very scary stuff…it is quite overwhelming…highly unpleasant and disturbing…

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  7. bobchewie says:

    i am aware of these PAN items .with regard to Ralph Alden being arrested for the brighton offence..in fact it now makes sense as ralph alden was connected with catford gay youth organisation along with Ted or Rupert Beach who is described as a very large fat man which fits description in the newspapers ..(beergut)
    In fact beach appears in PAN issue again being watched by police with peter hayman
    In a public toilet (leonard beach??)

    I notice obscene publications got involved too ..ironic as ralph alden along with other PIE members were raided by obscene publication squad .
    It now begs the question why they let alden
    Go ? His gay youth job meant he worked with police and if it was him who worked alongside steven smith at home office then that might explain how he got access at orchard lodge secure unit in anerly where he attempted to kidnap a boy from there.

    This brighton beast case seems to be have re enacted by daniel handley murderers years later ..fortunatley in this case the child survived ..

    I note the description of this crime in PAN was graphic ..something only the abusers would know ie alden and co..

    since alden was involved in the attempted kidnap of a minor at orchard lodge secure unit i have concluded that he had help from steven smith as both are catford PIE members and having home office help to gain access to a secure unit would help.

    alden was connected to micky burbridge who played a part in the home office revision committee which is deeply ironic another home office link ..


    • Ian Pace says:

      Could you give the specific references in PAN magazine? And especially a reference for a connection between Alden and Burbridge?

      • bobchewie says:

        ok i will do that,, but in passing i note that GAY YOUTH publication is written by Ken Plummer a PIE member ..and references from .Micky Burbidge and J Walters..1981 ‘breaking the silence’ :gay teenagers speak for themselves’ Joint Council for teenagers
        as well as M Deakin and willis powerful Johnny Go Home 1976 and R LLoyd 1977 ‘Playland : a study of boy prostitutes’ ironic as that is where operation circus Lancer Hornby abuser was abducting boys from as well as notorious evil predator and serial snuff video maker Sidney Cooke got a number of his victims from…

      • bobchewie says:

        Frank Torey (real name Francis D Shelden, a dangerous paedophile himself and wanted by the FBI) was running PAN as “principle editor”..

        He had to say as follows:

        “The only revealed facts about the “Brighton assault” are that a certain un-named 6-year-old boy left his home for a
        local shop late in the afternoon of August 14th and was discovered ten miles away some 5 or 6 hours later missing his T-shirt and crying. He was taken to a hospital, where he was examined and released the next morning to his mother. The boy has a speech impediment. The Brighton police say he was abducted by three men in a car with a foreign license plate. No suspects have been arrested. Although dark hints about terrible things happening to the boy have been put into circulation by the media (the Brighton police have been surprisingly professional and non-sensationalistic), no specific allegations have ever been made, other than to claim the lad had been “sexually assaulted”, which in the case of a 6-year-old, could mean anything from putting a hand on his shoulder with alleged sexy thoughts in mind to actual anal rape.
        The most specific claim we have seen was contained in a letter to us by Ralph Alden of London (see PAN 11, page 38 ff & P.A.N. 14, page 29 ff), long a paedophile target of the Catford police people; in questioning him as to what he was doing on the night of 14 August, Det/Insp Brown said “the assailants” had buggered the boy and pissed in his mouth. However, when one reads in the same letter that one Det/Insp Hill from the same station told a mother that he would have her children taken away from her unless she swore on the witness stand that Alden had tried to “buy” her son from her for sexual purposes (a lie, and thus perjury), one wonders what degree of confidence one should put in this story.”

        since Ralph Alden had been interviewed by catford police they must have arrested him first and him being a catford local person just liike steven adrian smith for PIE..

        and the disgusting description of the assault on the poor child could have only coke from the assailants as no info of that nature appears in the media..

      • bobchewie says:


        Ref_No HCA/JCGT/8/3
        Title: Ralph Alden and the Gay Youth Help Service
        Date 1981-1982
        Description: Papers concerning the case of Ralph Alden and the Gay Youth Help Service.
        Access Status: Closed
        Extent: 1 file

        The Joint Council for Gay Teenagers was established in 1978, formed from groups which provided support for young gay people. It comprises many of the principal organizations in the United Kingdom that provide support to young gay people.
        Arrangement Papers of the Joint Council for Gay Teenagers, 1970-1983, including minutes, 1978-1981; correspondence, 1979-1983, relating to business, international links, counselling and surveys; financial material relating to the book ‘Breaking the Silence: gay teenagers speak for themselves’ (JCGT, London, 1981), 1981; material relating to campaigns and working parties, 1978-1981, including parliamentary lobbying and law reform; reports and articles, 1980-1982, mainly relating to the homosexual age of consent; pamphlets, 1970 and 1976-1982, mainly drafts of ‘Breaking the Silence’ and other material relating to young people and homosexuality.
        Copyright No material may be published without the prior permission of both the copyright holder and the Library. All applications for publication must be made to the Archivist in the first instance, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance

        HCA/JCGT/8/2 – CalmView : Collection Browser
        1 – London Voluntary Services Council-Greater London Standing Conference of Voluntary Youth Organisations · 2 – Michael Burbidge · 3 – Ralph Alden and the ..


        HCA – Hall-Carpenter Archives
        JCGT – Joint Council for Gay Teenagers
        8 – Other organisations and people

        Level File
        Ref_No HCA/JCGT/8/2
        Title Michael Burbidge
        Date 1978-1982
        Description Rough minutes of meetings, correspondence, notes on meeting about the conference on Gay Teenagers, mainly by Michael Burbidge.
        Access Status Open
        Extent 1 file
        Code PersonName Dates
        PA24949 Burbidge; Michael (Micky) (fl 1981) fl 1981

  8. bobchewie says:

    oh ntw here is the sickener…PIE had offices..right around the corner of the Home Office,,how close is that?…

    • Ian Pace says:

      Which address are you thinking of? If you can post that, I will add that information into the main blog.

      • bobchewie says:

        Ok ian i will update you with as much as i can…
        i have 3 beach characters..leonard, Ted and Rupert..

        leonard is the public toilets guy the newbury lorry driver in connection with hayman..
        (how come the offending notepaper wasnt used in the court case??)

        Ted Beach was a huge fat guy in connection with catford ‘gay youth’ he was in new cross..
        he was violent and nearly killed a boy because of his weight..
        (i am pretty sure he was the ‘beergut’ offender in the brighton beasts case)
        the there is Rupert Beack 1970-1972 camded GLF activist..

        the problem is that they all have connections to PIE members

        i think Steven Smith in his writing suggests that PIE had offices right near Home Office..
        in another writing its suggested that one of his co workers at Home Office was CHE member….
        in fact in back copy of PAN after the expose of himself and brighton beasts scandal steven smith lost his high level secuirity clearance…and this is mentioned in PAN issue…

      • bobchewie says:

        i think steven a smith referred to those offices near home office

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    Hi Ian. Your blog recommended on Twitter. Best part of 10 yrs investigation (since I stood in Newbury 2005) leaves me in zero doubt that party politics corrupt absolutely. I see you implicitly disagree. May I challenge you: What has the party systm ever done for us, and why is it only present in governance?

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