A Musician Reflects

Staring out of my hotel room here in Argentina, I am moved to ask just what my wretched self has in common with the good people with whom I am surrounded here. But I should not have to ask this, as the answer is self-evident – I deal witI music, the one truly universal language, a force to bring peoples together, to make them put their differences behind them. This is true in London, in Berlin, in Moscow, in Jerusalem, in Karachi, Johannesburg, or anywhere else. Against those who play divisive political games with music and art, I remain convinced of its vital importance as a global language of peace, and a force for civilisation. And when I consider the responsibility thus placed upon me as a humble artist, I can only meekly hope that I will prove myself worthy…..


Ok, will try again shortly….

Announcing my new blog

From a restaurant in Buenos Aires, I’m pleased to announce the launching of my new blog! More to follow after the starter!